Tuesday, December 3, 2013

orange you glad?

          I must share with you my new-found love: Pacifica perfume & cosmetics.  I purchased this little Tuscan blood orange gift set as a a bit of a splurge while visiting family & definitely do not regret it!  (I have been a bit obsessed with orange so far this season.)   I received a roll-on perfume by Pacifica as a gift before in French lilac & loved it, so I wasn't taking too much of a risk.   The blood orange trio came with a small body butter, a roll-on perfume, & a color quench lip tint.  They are all so incredible!  I feel that they will be gone very quickly at the rate I have been using them.  Best part: they are cruelty-free and don't have any strange ingredients which I can't pronounce easily.

     The lip tint is a beautiful color and feels very creamy and moisturizing on my lips.  It is my go-to lip color as I am not much of a lipstick wearer.  The trio sets would make for an excellent gift, for perfume & beauty lovers this holiday season.  :)

much love~!  xoxo


  1. The color looks great on you c:

  2. Oooh blood orange. I have the fondest memories of sitting on the steps leading down to the beach in a little seaside town, sharing a plate of chips and sipping blood orange juice with my mum. Love the look of the lip balm! xx

  3. girl, that shade is so you. i'll have to check these out. | blog

  4. Uber cuteness! And guess what! I am glad! ;)


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