Wednesday, December 4, 2013

calico and company

        My boyfriend bought me this cute little cat purse as an early Christmas present while it was 50% off on Modcloth.  I was nervous it wouldn't really match anything but seeing it in person I feel it matches almost anything in my childish wardrobe.  It becomes a cute little kitten companion throughout my day!   I attached some cute keychains which suit it well, including my cool colorful elephant puzzle keychain.  

     While walking around town last week I saw a little bin outside of a shop I'd never been to with things for $1 each.  This cat pillow was in the bin and I just couldn't resist.  "No outfit is complete without cat hair."  So true, and also the reason why lint rollers are essential.  The shop itself was breathtaking, filled with beautiful antiques and artwork.  Maybe I'll snap a few photos next time I stop in. 



  1. The bag and pillow are the ultimate cat lover's dream, so adorable! Absolutely love your outfit here too <3

  2. Adorable bag! Such a nice gift. Your outfit is lovely too! xx

  3. Aw these are both so adorable! The cat pillow would be such a great gift for so many of my friends! so true! XD

  4. The cats made me smile for way too long, aw! I really am in need of a new purse, yours is so cute I am utterly absorbed by jealousy.

  5. Aww that is such a cute gift and the pillow is very lovely <3

  6. That cushion was $1 well spent! How sweet is that?! Love your cat purse too, the high concentration of cat related items in this post is highly agreeable with me.

    Emma x

  7. The bag is so cute! I'm impressed that cushion was only $1, what a bargain!


  8. That purse <3 oh my god

  9. Hey! I really like your blog, you've introduced me to Bee & Puppycat and your purse reminds me of Puppycat! Hahaha, lovely greets! Can't wait to read more from you!

    1. aw, thank you!! it's such a cute show, isn't it? haha, I never realized it but it kind of does look like puppycat! :)


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