Wednesday, November 20, 2013

pale blue light & the heart growing fonder

shoes: thrifted

     During the colder months it becomes more and more difficult to get out of bed.  The cozy comforts of the warm blankets make it seem like the only place you need to be.  Less vitamin D, conserving your energy, longing for the warmth of spring but still hoping to see the beauty of a snowstorm.  This time of year usually makes me feel sort of sad: with it's pale blue light and the lack of frogs and cicadas croaking and chirping. 

       I collect puzzle erasers; they are so fun to play with and look at.  I guess I am just a fanatic when it comes to miniatures.  I added the cool border around my photo with a free photo editor I found, Fotor.  It is the best and has the cutest borders and other cool effects.  :)  I also used it for the profile picture on my sidebar.   

...& here's a pretty song:



  1. I totally feel you on the not wanting to get out of bed thing. The past couple of weeks I've found it nearly impossible to throw off my warm duvet and get up- especially when the weather has been so horrible :(
    Love your shoes though, and the erasers are SO cute. There's a cute stationary shop in my local town that sells those, I have an ice lolly, a unicorn and a gerbil =^-.-^= xox

  2. Love the shoes, they have a lovely vintage feel! Alsoi yes I hate getting out of bed or even getting out of the house at this time of year :D

  3. You look lovely as ever, those shoes are really cute! I've been feeling the same way, especially when it's grey and rainy outside.

  4. Your photos are so lovely!! I completely get your reluctance to get out of bed, especially as the days get darker and shorter. But I guess that means that the shortest day is getting closer, and from there everything can only get better! x

  5. It is SO hard to get out of bed in the morning! At least you have a really beautiful pair of shoes and a gorgeous outfit. Your mini erasers are so cute :) xx


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