Tuesday, November 5, 2013

autumn leaves

       Hello friends!  Wow, it's been a long while, forgive me!  I took a little hiatus as I've been working on another project and really haven't had much to say.  I seem to be that way in my real life, too, most of the time.  With the daylight dwindling earlier,  I find myself anxious to get things done during those precious hours where the sun is out.   Yesterday I felt the full effects of setting the clocks back for the first time this season, as I drove around aimlessly to find a spot to savor the last moments of sunlight.  I ended up in a little farm town called Belfast in Pennsylvania.  The town was quaint and a bit eerie, it reminded me of Twin Peaks!  I love little towns far from excessive consumerism, which don't have a Walmart on every block.

      In other news, I just got my very own laptop, so you will be hearing much more from me!



  1. So dreamy!~
    It's good that you're back! i missed reading your posts :)
    Would definitely like to drive around town too! Seemed like you enjoyed that day! :3


  2. These photos are just so beautiful! Love autumn and your outfit is the perfect mix of feminine layers and colours <3
    And yay to the new laptop and more posts from you :) xx

  3. So happy to see you pop up in my feed today! I've missed your posts. I love the first photo in this one, and I'm so glad you have your own laptop now so you can blog more!! Yay!! xx


  4. Cute Cute little outfit! I love it. I have been busy with midterms assignments. And playing catch up. Ugh! Glad you are back!

  5. Love these photos, such a lovely setting. Glad you're back, I love your outfits! xx

  6. Replies
    1. oh I don't care for the song all that much either! >.< I think I'll change the name of the post. :P

  7. Such a pretty Autumn post <3 Can't wait to stop by here more often since you have your own laptop know!

  8. Love the leaves and the outfit! That detail shot is especially pretty :)

  9. I love your necklace! It's so cute. Looks so perfect tucked under that collar.

  10. The pictures are beautiful! And I really love the dress. Hope you have a great day!

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  11. You look so very lovely and I love your gumball necklace, it's so cute. I'm glad you'll be posting more :)

  12. Hey garoons! Even though we are acquainted on Instagram, I’m dropping in on your blog. I cannot believe how once I connected with some of my blog friends on Instagram, we stopped visiting each other’s blogs. Lol… So while I’m having the time at home today on a stay-home Sunday, I decided to find all my instablog friends, visit their blogs and see what they are up to. So here I am!

    I see that you have been on a hiatus too! Ah, I love all these autumn colours and it's exciting that you are getting your own laptop. i would love to hear more about your adventures. I hope we could continue to connect on our blogs coz that’s where we started from. =).

  13. Oh Autumn, you pretty thing! You know what else is pretty? That blouse! I love the collar on it and the colour is so sweet! Your gum ball machine necklace is so cute too.

    Emma x


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